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Coming home to a home you love

Easy as One -Two -Clean..



Maximum efficiency comes from sustainable heat distribution because  modern durability is power without compromise.

Built-in systems that automatically switch between power-saving and use- a key feature of smart technology.  Reducing costs come with using more energy than required. 


Available systems at various power and price ranges. Designed to cover needs of all building types and layouts. 


Trusted options recommended by our technicians: 

  • Lennox ML series 

  • Ameristar 

  • Concord 


You spoke and we listened.


Our answer?  Energy-star certified advanced  technology

Let Donic Gas find out which trusted systems are best suited for your home, office or business space with our variety of options. 





Designed to produce the highest efficiency water heating at low energy consumption and even lower costs. 

Avoid utility and service disruptions without sacrificing efficiency.









Instant heat with readily adjustable temperatures transform any space, from indoor, outdoor to patio spaces into an ambiance-ready company.

Nothing says welcome, come stay a bit longer better than an inviting crackling fire

A good fireplace does just that.

Keep it classic with traditional wood-fire for a generously cozy homecoming; or innovatively sleek and effortless for the tranquil modern retreat. 

Full installations and warranty available with industry leading selections from:

  • Kingsman 

  • Napoleon 

  • Montigo

  • Vinox 

  • Majestic 

  • Superior


Heat distribution at maximum efficiency to meet heating demands and hot water needs from our combi units.  Hot water on demand at up to half the time and energy costs for all building types, home or commercial usage. 


Performance meets innovation with our industry leading manufacturers from:

  • Navien 

  • Rinnai 

  • IBC 

  • Super Hot


...Not sure where to start?

Choosing the right system and service for your home or business shouldn't be difficult

The team at Donic Gas has listened, learned and helped hundreds of homes and businesses each year find the best  solution to all their heating and air care needs through system upgrades, routine maintenance and repairs. 

We'd love to hear more from you.  All you have to do is let us know. 

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